Leanscape Add-ons

Leanscape offers multiple additional contents that can be ordered to deepen the knowledge on agile and lean in different sections of the organisation. The idea is to gain new insights and tools to help on the agile and lean transformation after studying the basics with the original Leanscape.
The additional contents are currently available both in English and Finnish.

Leanscape for Follow-up is a set of tools to help you track the implementation of lean in your organisation after finishing Leanscape.

Leanscape for Project Management explores the daily work of a project manager while spreading a deeper understanding of agile and lean values, tools, and actions.

The Agile PM introduces the basics of project management and an understanding of agile values and tools. The Agile PM is a standalone game.

Leanscape for Management helps managers gain a deeper understanding of lean benefits on an organisational level and utilize them on the daily work.